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For both pitchers in baseball and quarterbacks in football, practicing your throwing technique is critical for your development as an athlete. To achieve this, many athletes will utilize a vinyl catcher with included targets to provide targeted pitching or throwing support to develop their throwing skills. By utilizing this process, many individuals are able to perfect their pitching or throwing technique and improve their overall skill and accuracy as a baseball or football athlete.


The heavy duty vinyl material used in the construction of the Cimarron 2-Sport Catcher Vinyl Backstop also makes it perfect for protecting your existing batting cage netting from potential damage that can occur with extended use over time. Measuring 75" high by 48" wide, the surface area covered by this backstop makes it a phenomenal option for prolonging and extending the life of your existing batting cage netting.

The Cimarron 2-Sport Catcher Vinyl Backstop is a heavy duty backstop that can be used as a net saver or as a pitching or football trainer. Constructed from heavy duty vinyl this backstop can provide extended support for your batting cage net and excellent accuracy training for both baseball and football athletes. As a dual-use training tool, the Cimarron 2-Sport Catcher Vinyl Backstop has become an affordable and popular option for many batting cage owners.

  • Frame NOT included
  • Heavy duty vinyl coated nylon canvas backstop with pocket
  • Front design is used for Baseball/Softball
  • Back design is used for Football
  • 75" high x 48" wide

The Cimarron 2-Sport Catcher Vinyl Backstop is designed to provide superior pitching and throwing practice for both baseball and football or be used as a heavy duty backstop. All of the sports equipment sold by Cimarron is built to remain durable and last as long as needed to assist in your growth as an athlete. All of our backdrop solutions are manufactured to the highest standards to provide superior protection for your batting cage.

Cimarron 2 Sport Catcher Vinyl Backstop

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