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Fielders are responsible for a covering a lot of grass on the field and, because of their location, they are arguably the most susceptible to being hit by a fly ball or hit balls that are driven into the field. For this reason, many fielders prefer to practice from behind a safety net until they are able to track down the ball for a successful out. This practice helps ensure that hit balls that take a weird turn or travel quickly along the ground don’t cause injury during a practice session.

To help meet the growing need for fielder nets, Cimarron Sports proudly offers the Cimarron 7x7 #42 Fielder Net and Frame as an all-in-one safety solution to create a protective barrier between the player and hit balls. This residential fielder safety net is an affordable safety solution for most non-commercial applications. With the ability to add frame wheels, this safety net is portable and easily moved around the field.

Cimarron Residential Protective Screens are great all around screens designed to provide superior protection for fielders in residential applications. The Cimarron 7x7 #42 Fielder Net and Frame is easy to set up, sturdy and long lasting to ensure continued use as long as you need it. With a 1 ½" 16 gauge powder coated steel frame and durable #42 twisted, knotted twine, you can be sure that your fielder has the protection needed when using the Cimarron 7x7 #42 Fielder Net and Frame during team practices.

  • Protect players from hit balls during practice, or back up your baseman.
  • Frame made of 1 ½" 16 gauge powder coated steel
  • #42 twisted, knotted twine
  • Pillowcase style net
  • Easy to assemble

The Cimarron 7x7 #42 Fielder Net and Frame is manufactured to protect fielders from hit balls or be used as a backup your baseman. All of the sports equipment sold by Cimarron is built to remain durable and last as long as needed to assist in your growth as an athlete. All of our baseball protection screen solutions are manufactured to the highest standards to provide superior protection for you or other athletes.

Cimarron 7' x 7' Fielder Net and Frame

SKU: 7x7FieldNF
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